As teachers, we are eternal students.

Below is a list of things we feel inspired by right now.


Taking the Leap by Pema Chodron, recommended by Denise

“This book is part of my survival kit that I reach for when I feel myself slipping into the dark corners of my mind. Pema’s approach always resonates with me.  Her language is simple and accessible.  This book inspires me to be more compassionate towards myself.  Just like Forrest Yoga, Pema encourages you to feel for what you can do in the moment. I especially appreciate her advice for how to create awareness around “getting hooked” by that which drains us (aka Shepna). This is a must read!"

Never Split the Difference: Negotiating as if Your Life Depended On It by Chris Voss, recommended by Rahshaana

“Written by an ex-FBI hostage negotiator, this may seem like an odd choice, but it's a powerful resource that provides strategies and tactics (told through stories from his experience) that empower you to use emotional intelligence and intuition to diffuse difficult situations and be more persuasive in your personal and professional life.”



Lost Connections by Johann Hari, Recommended by Amber

“Lost Connections is a wonderful look into why so many of us are lost (depressed, addicted, etc.) and without connection in this world. It dives into the reasons why - and perhaps what - we might be able to do about it. Johann Hari investigates the human condition and weaves a story around his personal healing. The end result is both personal and passionate.”

Educated by Tara Westover, Recommended by Leslie

“This is a story about family, loyalty, grief, perseverance and the struggle for self-invention and the fierce determination it takes to carve your own path. It is incredibly inspiring and heartbreaking. It is an example of how we have the capacity to break free of our past history, conditioning and limitations and find our own way.”



Dear Haiti, Love Alaine by Maika & Maritza Moulite, Recommended by Latesha

In her free time, Latesha loves to read books by authors of color, attend book launches and write posts for her new book review blog, Bookish Girl Magic! For reviews and recommendations about this book and many others, check out her blog.

Changing Lenses: Essential Teaching Stories From Ram Dass, recommended by Lori

“Ram Dass is a spiritual teacher with an eclectic background, from being a professor of Psychology at Harvard, to researching psychedelics, becoming a holy man in India, to touring the States giving spiritual discourses. This very easy to read book is a collection of his well-known, real life stories, as well as some rarities. Reading how Ram Dass has journeyed through the mystery of life with such an open, curious and humorous heart helps me recenter and see life simply and for what it really is.”



My Stroke of Insight by Jill Bolte Taylor, Recommended by Catherine

“From the very first time I saw Taylor’s mega-famous Ted Talk, I was enthralled by her story and her unique insight into the malleability of the human brain. She is a Harvard trained neuroanatomist who experienced a stroke at the age of 37. Cognizant - and infatuated - as the stroke was happening, within hours she was unable to speak, talk, walk, or remember anything that had happened before the day of the stroke. Step by meticulous step, Taylor recovered and wrote about her experience as only a brain scientist and teacher could.”